Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Approved driving instructor (ADI) check tests in English or Welsh

From 1 October 2010 the Driving Standards Agency will align the languages in which check tests are conducted with those used for ADI practical tests.

The part 2 (driving ability) and part 3 (instructional ability) tests are conducted in English or Welsh only. Most ADIs who have qualified in Great Britain then continue to have their check tests conducted in these languages.

There has been an increase in the numbers of driving instructors from member European states transferring their registration onto our Register, having qualified in their country of origin. This has resulted in some check tests being conducted in languages other than English or Welsh.

The number of EC ADIs transferring their registration to GB is small. From 2005 to date, 65 have joined the Register, of which 30 were in 2009. There are now around 45,500 ADIs on the Register and we aim to conduct around 16,000 check tests per year.

A check test relies on an examiner understanding the verbal instruction being given by the ADI to the pupil, in order for them to form their assessment of the lesson and to grade the ADI’s instructional ability.

Clearly if a lesson is conducted in a language other than English or Welsh, the examiner may be unable to understand the instruction given. We have therefore decided that all check tests must be conducted in English or Welsh.

This is not a change to any Regulation but is a change in practice and as such we give notice that this will be effective from 1 October 2010. All documentation, including the notes for guidance sent out with check test invitations, will be amended to make this requirement clear.

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